Slovakia diplomatic plate

Diplomatic plates have yellow lettering on a blue ground: two letters indicating the class,
two numerals indicating the embassy (29=Russia) and three serial numerals commencing from 000.

EE    diplomatic staff
ZZ    administrative and technical personnel

In 2004 the euroband superseded the national coat of arms.

** Looking for ZZ and EE pré 2004, so without the National Coat of Arms **


China motorcycle license plate diplomat

China motorcycle diplomatic plate; about 1980's


WANTED: China diplomatic car plate !


Russia diplomatic license plate

Current style Russia diplomatic license plate.

Accredited foreign personnel have white on red plates with the registration of an Embassy
code number in a larger size followed by one or two letters and a serial number.


Heads of Diplomatic Missions


Diplomatic personnel and vehicle belonging to embassies,


consulates and int’l organizations


Technical assistance personnel


Yugoslavia diplomatic license plate

Former series Yugoslavia 1971.

Since 1963 diplomatic plates were yellow on black with letters A and E only and with
the last two digits of the year vertically as a prefix.



Israel diplomatic license plate
Current series diplomatic plates are coloured black on reflective white and, usually, with CD (Diplomatic Corps) above or to the left of the number. The first group of numerals is a code for the Embassy, the centre group is a serial number and the third is 22 or, more recently, 21.