Dutch CD series

Dutch CD license plates were introduced in 1946.
The Dutch Gouvernment wanted to have special CD-license plates like other countries already had for embassies and their staff.
Only one manufacturer did get a letter from the government to make the first 100 pairs of CD-plates and these should cost Dutch Florin fl 6,50 (€ 2,95) for each pair. The first CD-license plate started at CD-115 and was registrated to the British ambassador Sir Neville Bland.

CD-116 was registrated for the Chinese ambassador
CD-117 was registrated for the US ambassador.

In 1951 the national license plate registration is introduced and the original series was white on Prussian blue with two letters followed by two pairs of numerals, in a “thinner” style of lettering than the current. Except for the diplomatic license plates that kept the 3 numerals.

For a complete overview see the Dutch Series Overview

From February 1st 1991 the Dutch diplomatic license plates changed from CD followed by 3 numerals (CD-999) to CD followed by 4 numerals (CD-99-99 -side code 1- for Embassies) and they introduced at the same time a series with CD in the middle (99-CD-99 – side code 3) for International Organizations.

The CD-999 series that were in use at the time of the change to CD-99-99 kept their 3-numbered license plates but with an extra lead-zero, so for example CD-652 became CD-06-52.

Early series International Organization (99-CD-99 series)

Series since February 1st 1991 this former registration (CD-652) in new 4-number style with lead-zero.

Series since February 1st 1991 starting from CD-10-00.

CD-10-00 Dutch diplomatic license plate

In 1991 these series were meant to start from CD-00-01 but on January 28th 1991 there was a memo that the new CD-series should start with CD-10-00 instead of CD-00-01.

On October 25th 2017 CD-99-99 was reached and the Dutch DMV (RDW) started the CD-series from CD-00-01. They told me they will reissue the CD-99-99 numbers that are withdrawn now.

CD-00-01 and up are for embassies. When the CD-registrations for International Organizations reach 99-CD-99 it’s not known yet what is going to happen with these registrations.