Current series are used since 1995. Diplomatic vehicles have normal style plates in black on white, but with the number 0 followed by a hyphen, or above, a code denoting the embassy, (75 = Canada, 96 = Nicaragua) a hyphen and a serial of up to three digits (with 1 usually denoting the ambassador or head of mission).

Current series in US-size 17 = Embassy USA

Semi-diplomatic  plate with B (Berlin) or BN (Bonn), an embassy code, (111 = Poland) a hyphen and a serial number from 300 to 999 in Berlin or from 1 to 999 in Bonn.

Former Series:  until 2007 foreign consular plates, carried the code letters for the administrative division followed by a numeric serial from 900-999 or 9000-9999.
(F = Frankfurt am Main)

East Germany former series. (1969-1990) diplomatic plates were in white on red. They had a two letter code followed by a two digit Embassy code (06 = Bulgaria) and two serial numerals.