Current series since 1998. Diplomatic plates, have a blue band to the left with the Cedar of Lebanon at the top and هيئة سياسية (“diplomatic corps”) over C.D. at the bottom. An embassy number (254 = The Netherlands) followed by the western serial number of the plate (either printed in orange with a black box around it over LIBAN. The right hand side had لبنان over the Arabic serial number of the plate and the embassy number.

Former series 1950 – 1988. Diplomatic plates were in a wide variety of styles. CD plates were cast aluminium, black on white, with the western number and words at the left, the Arabic equivalents at the right (103 = Germany) and had the serial number of the plate in a separate box in black on yellow. All plates had LIBAN (or Liban), C.D, لبنان and هيئة سياسية (“diplomatic corps”).