Current series since 2000.  Diplomatic plates have been black on yellow with western code letters over MAROC printed at the left, a serial number, a hyphen and the embassy number (19 = Finland ) in the middle and the Arabic code letters over المغرب printed at the right. CD=Dpilomatic Corps, CMD = Head of Mission.

Former series 1992 diplomatic plates  having the letters CC, CD, etc., to the left of the number and having the diplomatic status spelled out in full in Arabic. Only the legends الهيئة الدبلوماسية (“the Diplomatic Corps”) and الهيئة القنصلية (“The Consular Corps”) are known for certain.

Former series 1978-1990(?) PAT where plates for administrative and technical staff, silver on orange with PAT, the pentagram and م‌ا‌ت.