United States

(FS = The Netherlands)

Former series 1985 – 2007. Consular and diplomatic vehicles commenced having had federally issued plates. These had at the bottom in small white lettering on a red band Issued by and Property of The UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE; at the top in white on a blue band was CONSUL (type C plates), DIPLOMAT (type A and D plates) or neither (type S plates). Embassy and Consulate plates had C, D or S as a large letter in white on blue at the left and a red and white striped band at the right; these were reversed on United Nations plates, above which in small letters was UNITED NATIONS in white.

D = vehicles owned by officials having Diplomatic status
S = vehicles owned by missions and officials not entitled to C or D

(XZ = Australia)

1970s Diplomatic plate Washington

1960s Diplomatic plate Washington

Former series 1981-85. Diplomatic plates where black on white with MARYLAND at the top, DIPLOMAT at the bottom and a registration on DP and four numerals.

1976 Consular Corps plate. This Centennial plate had two red bands at the top and bottom with LAND OF LINCOLN and ILLINOIS both in the upper of the bottom bands, and 1776 and 1976 above and below the registration. The registration and a circle of stars were in the centre of the plate in blue.